- 8,920 lbs at 8ft Maximum Lifting Capacity
- 68ft Tip Height
- 4.5’ W x 6.5’ H x 16.2’ L Stowed Dimensions
- 11,070 lbs Weight (Unladen)

The SPYDERCRANE URW547 mini-crawler crane is the second largest SPYDERCRANE currently offered. With a lifting capability of 8,920 lbs. at 8.0 ft, the URW547 leaves little to be desired.

Like all Spydercrane mini-crawlers, the URW547 is technologically advanced with its standard safety features. Standard features include an Electronic Display Load Moment Indicator, On-board Self Diagnostic Computer System, and a Full Function Wireless Remote to make operation a breeze while lifting some serious weight.

The URW547 is still compact at just 4.5’ wide. Travel through a double-doorway is possible, and with the Zero Emissions power options, indoor use or low ventilation areas are not a problem. The URW547 moves with ease on dual rubber tracks, and with the adjustable outriggers you can set up even on uneven ground.

In addition to the URW547's maneuvering capability, the URW547 comes standard with a Quick Disassemble System. The Quick Disassemble System allows for the outriggers, boom, and frame assembly to be removed from the carrier to reduce the weight for transport or hoisting.

The URW547 is mostly used in areas that a standard crane can't get to, but the need to move heavy items still exists. Look for this crane on many steel construction sites doing some serious lifting.

About URW547
  • Less Than 54" Wide Compact Design
  • Dual Rubber Continuous Tracks
  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation
  • LMI-Overload Protection System With Display
  • Anti-Two Block System
  • Wireless Radio Remote Control
  • Proportional 7-Section Boom
  • 3-Position Outrigger Settings
  • Automatic Hook Stow System
  • Over-winding Prevention Device and Alarm
  • Minimum Wire Rope Automatic Stop
  • Onboard Self-diagnostic Computer System
  • Centrally Located Infinitely Variable Controls
  • Hexagonal Boom Design
  • Hydraulic Circuit Pressure Relief Valve
  • Engine options: EPA Compliant Diesel, Diesel/Electric, or Battery/Electric
Safety Features
  • Anti Two-Block System
  • Automatic Hook Stow System
  • Outrigger Positioning and Boom Positioning Safety System with Display Monitor
  • Over-winding prevention device and alarm
  • Voice Messaging to alert operator if an unsafe operation is being performed
  • Minimum wire rope automatic stop
  • Working area limitation
  • Hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve
  • Load Moment Indication (LMI) with operators display and safety shut down
Outrigger Positioning

The unique design of the SPYDERCRANE permits each outrigger leg to be adjusted independently, so the crane can be leveled on uneven surfaces. The URW547 has a 3-position outrigger setting for tight areas and maximum lifting.

Engine/Power Options
  • Diesel
  • Diesel/Electric
  • Diesel/Battery Powered

Diesel/Electric (Electric models are UL and CSA Certified with the choice of 208/230V 1-Phase, 208/230V 3-Phase or 110V Battery power pack)

Optional Equipment
​Arctic Kit / 12V & 110V Combo
Boom Tip Mounted Work Platform
Crane Lube Kit (Lube-a-Boom)
Exhaust Scrubber/ Catalytic Converter
Fire Extinguisher
Non-Marking Tracks
Spare Parts Kit (2-Year Supply)
Single Line Swivel Ball
SPYDERWEB Glass Manipulator
Two Part Tail Block w/Link
Track Mats 3’ x 6’ (Set of 3)
Trailer & Accessory Kit
Outrigger Pads
Propane Tank
Spare Key (Pair)
Steel Pallet w/Fork Pockets
Strobe Light
Vacuum Lifters
Weatherproof Cover


  • Erecting steel in a construction setting can be a grueling process. It can be quite difficult to navigate a traditional crane in such areas. Situations such as these are perfect for a SPYDERCRANE, as it can easily maneuver in tight areas. When compacted, our SPYDERCRANE mini-crawlers are able to travel through an entry as narrow as a standard doorway, yet expand to provide a lifting capability of up to 13,200 pounds. ​VIEW ALL SPYDERCRANES

  • The SPYDERCRANE lineup of Mini-Crawler mini cranes is an ideal solution for performing aviation maintenance tasks. Our SPYDERCRANEs are used regularly in many aviation facilities for the assembly and maintenance of planes and helicopters. ​VIEW ALL SPYDERCRANES

  • The mechanical industry can create some of the smallest and tightest work areas. Areas that are so tight, no ordinary crane can reach them. The SPYDERCRANE is engineered to fit into small areas, allowing you to work more efficiently. When compacted, our mini-crawlers mini cranes are able to travel through an entry as narrow as a standard doorway, yet expand to provide a lifting capability of up to 13,200 pounds. ​VIEW ALL SPYDERCRANES

  • Whether it’s a commercial project or a large-scale construction job, the glazing industry is synonymous with lifting large and heavy panes of glass. In recent years, the glazing industry has discovered how versatile and useful a SPYDERCRANE can be. Our SPYDERWEB Glass Handler has the capability of lifting up to 1,300 lbs using vacuum power and can place a piece of glass into any position. Our SPYDERCRANE URW295 and URW376 mini-crawler mini cranes have won Glass Magazine Awards for Most Innovative Equipment in 2012 and 2013​VIEW ALL SPYDERCRANES


No matter how you spell it, "Spider Crane," "Spyder Crane," "Spidercrane," or the proper "SPYDERCRANE," this mini crane can get the job done in tight spaces. With advance features that have lifted it above the competition, the popularity of the SPYDERCRANE has made it a staple in the Construction, Steel Erection, and Glazing Industries.